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New singer, new album. Yes, ALBUM.

by on Mar.29, 2012, under Music

Finally another blog!! I know, I know, I’m really bad at this… but now that we have our new singer we actually have something to blog about!

We are so happy to have Chuck Campbell on board with Presto. It’s always so difficult to change singers because the sound of the band changes (obviously), but I’m sure you will totally dig what Chuck is bringing to the band. We sure do.

It’s been so hard having all these line-up changes, but I think we finally have stabilized. Everyone that is in the band now have been warned that if they quit for any reason that they will burst into flames!!

We have decided to start lining up shows and get this train rollin’ before a wheel falls off or something. Anyone and everyone out there who wants to have Presto Ballet come to your town, or any bands that would like to do some shows together, get in touch and let’s see what we can work out. That means not only here in the U.S. but everywhere!

Now to the new album….
Now that Chuck is on board I can get back to work on the new album. I have to say that I’m REALLY digging these new songs. At this stage the album is now starting to take on a shape and a direction. It is still very much in the Presto classic rock/prog style, but for a change of flavor we have one HUGE epic track that will take up one side of what will be an actual vinyl record. The other “side” of the album will be a few more straight forward type songs. This time out we have our first song contribution from Kerry, and it’s going to blow your mind! It’s quite incredible actually. Basically the new album is laid out the same way 2112 is laid out. I just felt it was time to dig into the major epic thing, since we really haven’t done that yet. I guess that means next we have to do a concept album, then a double concept album, then a double live album ….. you get the idea.

Okay, I’m off to have some tea, wake up and fire up the Hammond and Leslie and make sure it all works before Kerry arrives on Thursday to track the keyboards.

As always, thanks to everyone that has stuck by the band. With all the changes we keep going through we really appreciate it and we promise to deliver the best music possible, and for many years to come.



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