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Time to Rock Right!!

by on Apr.24, 2012, under Music

Well, it’s all coming full circle, and I for one couldn’t be happier! I have been missing vinyl records for a few years now, so last year I got a good old Pioneer turntable and dug out all my old records again. Not only is this just one hell of a lot of fun, it has made me realize how much of the whole listening experience has been lost since CDs and downloads have taken over. Also, since so many companies are re-releasing SO many classic titles on vinyl and 180 gram vinyl too, that it fits perfectly into what Presto Ballet is all about.

Since it seems that a good portion of the music buying public feels the same way these days, Presto Ballet will be making our next record for the vinyl format first. We will still be releasing our records on CD and you will still be able to download from the usual places… but it will be the vinyl format that will determine the design.

What that means is this….

The album’s length will be shorter (roughly 20 minutes per side), and the artwork design will be for a gatefold album cover. It will then be shrunk down to fit a CD booklet, not the other way around. (Modern CDs are just WAY too long these days, and I for one have CDs that I really like but still haven’t heard the entire album yet!) This also means that the recording and especially the mastering processes will not be the modern “FULL BLAST” method, which is the way CDs are mastered these days in order to sound good on today’s digital mediums.

One of the most important aspects of this return to vinyl is having a “proper” album cover… when you put the record on you will have an actual piece of art in your hands, not some goofy little piece of plastic with some pictures and text that you can barely read. When you buy an actual album you are not only buying the music but you are also getting something much more substantial… you are getting the ENTIRE experience that the artist intended. And one other thing, VINYL SOUNDS BETTER!! No more digital fatigue!!

In addition, getting back to actual “records” again will help keep music from being so damn disposable!!! Digital formats are very convenient, no question, but when you have to take a moment to pull the record from it’s sleeve, put it on the turntable and drop the needle, you’ll find that you will pay more attention to what you’re listening to.
And THAT is the way it should be.

So… the new Presto Ballet album will be in a not only be in a gatefold cover with a full color sleeve, but there will also be an actual poster included. (Remember how cool THAT was??) Again, we still be releasing it on CD, but if you want to experience the music the way it was intended then get the vinyl. Our plans are for the bands next records to be designed for vinyl first as well.

Everybody go out and get yourself a good turntable and let’s start listening to music the way we are supposed to! Treat yourself to the full experience of buying a piece of art again.


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