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The new record, touring, and internet piracy

by on Oct.10, 2012, under Music

We just want to say thanks to everybody for the great response we have gotten to the new album, we are thrilled that it has been so well received.

It’s always a difficult transition when replacing a singer, but I knew that Chuck would do a fantastic job.

The next order of business is to get Presto out playing live. We are quite convinced that we have to get over to Europe and the UK as quickly as possible. I still want the band to play here in the US as much as we are able to, so we will be soliciting the prog festivals both here and abroad. We had such a great time at the Studio 7 show and want to keep up the gigging, but I have to say that it’s going to be hard to draw a crowd around here playing prog. Lets try to change that, huh????????

On another note… I found it quite interesting that the same day the new album was released it was already up for download in its entirety on some of the pirate sites!!!!!!!  So who ever it was that got a advance copy and uploaded it.. thanks a lot!!!! That really helps us out…. NOT!!

Okay, I will quit bitching… I know, I know, it’s the way things are now, but to have it available that fast was a bit much.

Again, thanks for the great response to Relic Of The Modern World. Just to let everyone know… the title track does set up the next album. It will be the continuing story of Andy and where he goes after he disappears from us. And yes, it will be a double concept album!! Of course it will be.. it’s the next logical step for Presto, right?? And yes it will be a double VINYL record. Having this new album on an actual record just seems to make it more real somehow. If nothing else it’s sure a whole lotta fun to make records again!!

Thanks everyone, and God Bless.

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